Traditional Full-Time MBA


The Traditional MBA program is designed to give professionals additional flexibility. Course structure is delivered in a variety of formats to enable students to choose the formats that best fits their learning style and best accommodates their schedule. Since most of our students are working full-time, Ashland University permits a maximum 5 year time frame for the MBA to be completed.

The graduation requirement for any Ashland University MBA program is 30 credits. Depending on how many credits you choose to take per semester, you may either finish the program in 1 year, 18 months, 2 years, or 3 years.

Classroom Locations

Part-time students can enroll in classes at any of our regional centers throughout central and Northeast Ohio.

Classes available each semester will vary by location. Click here to view all locations.

Online, or Hybrid In-Class & Online

Ashland University teaches MBA courses with the same faculty and professors for in-class and online learning. As a result, local MBA students can enroll for some or all classes Online, and some or all classes at the Ashland University main campus, or any of our 4 MBA centers throughout Ohio in Independence, Medina, Canton and Columbus.

If you’d like to take classes online but still prefer a classroom setting, you may be able to register for synchronous classes throughout a given semester or term. Synchronous classes are almost like a virtual classroom, where your entire online cohort logs in at one given time for a lecture.

If you’re interested in a 100% online MBA program, click here to learn more.

Core Courses:

(For complete course descriptions, click here.)

  • MBA 501 – Organizational Design & Change Management
  • MBA 503 – Operations Management
  • MBA 505 – Financial Management
  • MBA 507 – Marketing Management
  • MBA 511 – Managerial Accounting
  • MBA 517 – Strategic Planning & Policy Analysis

In addition to the above courses, a minimum of 3 additional courses must be completed as part of your specialization.

Align Your Career Goals with a Specialization

The wide variety of specializations are a popular feature of Ashland’s MBA program. Students may take a series of three courses to earn a specialization in a preferred area and can also graduate with one or more specializations by choosing specific sets of elective courses.

Specialization options include:

Specialization Options
Note: Availability of courses for each specialization may vary by semester. Please contact our MBA Programs Office at 419-289-5214 or email for more information.

Customize Your Own Unique Specialization

Because today’s corporate setting is dynamic, a student may also propose a customized specialization consisting of nine hours of related elective course work, including special topics courses. Students proposing a customized specialization must obtain approval from a faculty mentor and the chair of the MBA program. For help creating a unique specialization, you may call 419-289-5214 or email the MBA Programs Office at:

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