Mobile Learning

Verizon® MiFi Hotspot for Mobile Learning Included in Tuition

Ashland University is committed to your success and we understand the many commitments you have in your life. To ensure and enable more opportunities for coursework and learning, we’ve included a free Verizon® MiFi hotspot.

WiFi for your MBA Studies. WiFi for your Career.

Your Verizon® MiFi can be used for anything, and we expect the always-available internet connection to be useful for your current professional career, as well. Next time the internet goes down at your office, you can use you MiFi. Having trouble connecting at the airport or a coffee shop? You can use your MiFi.

Always-Available Internet, Anywhere in the U.S.A.

This battery-powered wireless network allows you to securely connect to the internet anywhere in the USA that has Verizon® cellular network coverage.

1 Year Verizon Service Pre-Paid & Included

We pre-pay a full year of cellular wireless service. This LTE/4G internet is fast and fully included included in your tuition.

Keep Your MiFi After Graduation

After your graduation, the physical MiFi unit is yours to keep. You will need to activate your own personal Verizon® internet service to continue using the MiFi.

The Verizon® trademark, “MiFi” and any related terms are property of Verizon and have been used on this web page through fair-use.

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